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Browse and buy diaper pants for adults, cute ABDL clothes and accessories all made by hand of natural rubber.[/ekm:me]

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Genuine Rubber Low Cut Brief, RPD, Genuine Latex Rubber Pants, Genuine Latex Rubber Pants Low Cut Brief Style Genuine 16 Guage Medium Weight Rubber Low Cut For Discreet Day Time Use Hospital Grade Rubber Material Made in USA No Powder N

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Find a large number of rubber pants, diaperpants, Sissy dresses and accessories for bABy’s need.

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This Rubber Page is by popular request, and is for lovers of rubber knickers and rubber pants of all sorts. Maybe there will be some some other interesting underthings that people might produce.

CATR offering various kinds of Latex Rubber PVC Vinyl Lycra Spandex Leather Catsuit Dress Corset Pants Mask hood Gloves Socks, For Woman Man Female Male, Wholesale are welcomed. copyright

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With our Rubber Pull-on Pants you will have the Agony of Choice. Our Pants are high-quality incontinence aids for adults. They convince by wearing comfort.[/ekm:me]

Genuine Latex Rubber Pants, These hard to find genuine Latex rubber pants are a huge improvement on the old fashion sticky rubber pants of the 50s and Asian imports.

Rubber pants or rubber panties were the predecessor to plastic pants and served the purpose of a diaper cover, replacing the woolen garment. However, “rubber pants” is still a generic term for any pull-on or snap-on incontinence protective garment.

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