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AATCC Water Penetration Tester (Hydrostatic Pressure Tester) is designed and manufactured according to AATCC-127-1989 (American Association of …

Water-resistant vs Water-repellent vs Waterproof: What’s the Difference? Author: Jared Matkin We all see references to waterproof devices, water resistant devices and water repellant devices being thrown around on electronic products.

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Ultraviolet (UV) is an electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength from 10 nm to 400 nm, shorter than that of visible light but longer than X-rays.UV radiation is present in sunlight constituting about 10% of the total light output of the Sun.

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Introduction This article is about red and near-infrared light therapy for healing recent injuries and a few other possible things like fibromyalgia …

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Silver Creek Aquaculture employs two professional biologists with 20 years of practical aquacultural experience. Our farm produces top quality pond raised fish for the stocking of private ponds, natural water bodies, fishing clubs and fine dining.

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Light Penetration. A certain amount of incoming light is reflected away when it reaches the ocean surface, depending upon the state of the water itself.