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25 Gifts That Will Pamper Pregnant Women Before Baby Arrives. Give the mama-to-be something that she really wants (and deserves)!

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If there’s a special mom-to-be on your shopping list this holiday season, save the baby gifts for next year and treat her to something that’s all about her.

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Looking for a Mother’s Day Gift Idea for the Pregnant Woman in your life? Here are 15 perfect mother’s day gifts for the mom-to-be. See my gift ideas.

Being pregnant does weird things to your appetite. It can make you crave food at all times of day and night, or salivate for odd combinations such as ice cream with pickle juice.Some mothers-to-be, though, crave food that is not food at all — a phenomenon known as “pica.”

My best friend is pregnant. Lately the preggo hormones have been making her very depressed and I was thinking about making up a care package for her — one that’s all about her and not so much focused on baby stuff. I know there are a lot of products that pregnant women can’t use or even come in contact with, so I was wondering if any …

A new study looks at how the Zika virus is able to evade pregnant women’s immune systems.

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Pregnant women should aim to get three to four daily servings of dairy. It’s packed with calcium, protein, and vitamin D to help build your …

Doctors recommend pregnant women avoid eating raw fish, or fish that contains elevated levels of mercury, during their pregnancy. That means that many new moms are seriously craving Japanese food right after the baby is born.

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For more, visit TIME Health. Data suggests that most women quit smoking when pregnant, but a new federal report shows that one in 14 women still smokes while expecting. The habit is linked to health issues for both women and their infants, including low birthweight, preterm births and birth defects

Pregnant woman are being handed shopping vouchers as incentive to stop smoking. At least 65 women have received taxpayer-funded vouchers for shops including Argos, Debenhams, New Look and TK Maxx in a bid to encourage them to stub out the cigs. Facebook videos will play with sound automatically Each