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Over 40 true and interesting facts about Japan. These are not myths and stereotypes but actual factsand they’re interesting!

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Interesting facts about Japan. Japan is an Asian country that has many interesting facts concerning it. Did you know that it is considered …

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This page provides basic information on Japan. Emperor: Emperor Akihito acceded to the throne as the 125th emperor of Japan in 1989. The Emperor is the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people.

Mar 13, 2011 · Over the years, Japan has become one of the most interesting countries in the world. Its unique culture, great food, and technological edge has fascinated and inspired the rest of the world.

Japan: Japan, island country lying off the east coast of Asia that has Tokyo as its national capital.

Read our Japan Facts and be informed about the most important facts about this fascinating country and its people.

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Did You Know Some interesting things about Japan which you might not have known!

Overview of Japan including interesting facts about Japan and a quick facts section.

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Few nations on Earth have had a more colorful history than Japan. Learn about its culture, people, and land.

Facts and information about the March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan.

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